More efficiency for demolition and refurbishment

Calcmat Mass Calculator saves time, money and troubles

Calcmat -a cloud software for calculating demolition waste mass amounts

Calcmat software allows for quick and accurate calculation of demolition waste amounts, using either building blueprints or even just photographs. The browser-based software is extremely easy to use, but the advanced features make it suitable for complex tasks as well. Calcmat runs also on tablets, so it’s easy to take along to the construction site.

A tool for property owners for managing building lifecycle

The environmental burden and financial costs of demolishing buildings can be calculated beforehand. You can also manage the blueprints of your entire building portfolio in one cloud software, and share them among stakeholders as you see fit.

A competitive advantage for demolition companies

Tender calculation process expedites and reliability increases. Anticipation of demolition waste masses becomes more accurate and the regulatory reporting can be handled in the software with just a few clicks. Calcmat software functions as a digital construction site, where blueprints and working instructions are easily shared.

Authority surveillance becomes easier

The software caters more reliable information on the demolition waste masses. Project surveillance can be entirely digitalized with Calcmat.


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Our reference company Kuusakoski Oy is a forerunner in recycling and demolition business and takes the environment into account in every step of the way. Kuusakoski operates both in domestic as well as international markets.

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Ease of use

You don’t need a degree from rocket science to operate the Calcmat software. On the contrary, even non-computer literate persons can learn it in a jiffy.

Accompanies you to the site

The tablet version of Calcmat allows for example to snap progress and detail photos at the construction site and share them among project parties.

Accurate calculations

The most realistic and competitive tenders are based on accurate estimations of demolition waste amounts provided by Calcmat.

Handy reports

You can export comprehensive reports about demolition waste amounts and types for attaching them to your tenders, all in a just a few clicks.

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